Angelina Guerra - Summary


Hello, thanks for visiting my resume!

I'm Angelina, and I'm currently a student at a high school in Central Florida. At this high school, I lead the Science Olympiad and Chemistry clubs, and am a senior officer in Health Occupations Students of America. I am also a member of Art Honors Society, and occasionally tutor other students in the school library.

Most recently, I completed a research project on decellularization, and finished a personal project to optimize plastic degradation with fungi, establishing one of my startups ALSIKE in the process.

When I'm not at school or working on my startup and/or other personal projects, I'm developing or solving cryptograms as a member of the American Cryptogram Association, or creating various puzzles.


I attend a high school in Florida. While at this high school, I've taken to art and science classes, and participated in several related clubs and student initiatives.

Outside of my high school, I've taken classes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) - Key Concepts) and at Stanford University (CS0255 - Cryptology I).

I've also completed a varied amount of online classes from MIT's OpenCourseWare (most relevant are MIT's 6.001 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and 6.006 - Intro to Algorithms).


Biotechnology initatives

See here for some projects!

Guerra UAV

Drone Operations

See my recent work for more information.


These days, I'm working on the first product of my biotechnology startup, and doing work for GUERRA UAV.

In the summer and fall of 2015, I worked developing a 3d printed chair lift for handicapped persons at a local fabrication lab.

Finally, since 2017, I've volunteered at a local hospital's emergency room on a weekly basis.


My personal email address is: alsike AT tuta DOT I O, and my work email address is: LINA AT GUERRAUAV DOT com.