hey! so I did some research on Pestaliopsis microspora late 2016 to early 2018, specifically trying to find the endophyte's optimal environmental conditions in which it wanted to grow nice and large and produce a ton of polyurethanase. In the meantime I photographed it quite a lot under blacklights, heat lamps, daylight, led light, you name it. What I did as a starter project was finding it's optimal temperature conditions. To do that I put freshly inoculated dishes in giant incubators set at specific temperatures. Because the incubator I had access to (an ancient Thermo Scientific bought at auction in the late 90s) could not go to some of the high temeratures I needed, I aided it's warming capabilities with a heat lamp. I took extremely close care in monitoring the incubator to make sure no temperature fluctuations took place. When they did occur I repeated the entire trial set.